Gapless Indicators for NT8

Gapless indicators for NT8

Gapless Indicators measure the difference between the prior day close and yesterday’s last indicator plot, transferring it to the current open.

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The Kaufman Efficiency Ratio and Balanced Momentum

Efficiency Ratio Standard vs. Balanced Momentum

In this post we’re discussing the Kaufman Efficiency Ratio and how it relates to determining market momentum, specifically the Balanced Momentum calculation

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The ATR Trailing Stop

ATR Trailing Stop for NT8

In this post we introduce our ATR trailing stop indicator for NinjaTrader 8. The ATR responds to volatility, highlighting possible trend changes…

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The Opening Range Breakout

Opening Range Breakout Strategy

Indicator Spotlight on how to determine Opening Range Breakout levels. The post also share insights on how to determine directional bias and…

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