Projection Bandwidth

The Projection Bandwidth indicator is based on the Projection Bands as introduced by Mel Widner, Ph.D in an Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine article from July, 1995.

Projection Bandwidth indicator for NT8

Indicator Description

Projection Bandwidth is based on the Projection Bands and shows the ratio from bands to midpoint. Bands are narrowing on low numbers whereas high numbers indicate that the bands are widening. Therefore, you may use the bandwidth as a measure of volatility. Narrow bands equals narrow range and low volatility, whereas wide bands indicate a wide range and high volatility. The indicator furthermore comes with shaded color plots, indicating when the bandwidth is likely overbought / oversold.

Other Library indicators

One application of the indicator is to use it as a filter to validate Opening Range Breakouts. You may also want to review market structure and trend bias from a higher timeframe using the Swing Trend indicator.

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The Projection Bandwidth indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8.

Projection Bandwidth