SuperTrend M11

Supertrend M11

This is the predecessor to the Supertrend U11 (Universal), which allows you to calculate the stop line from median, mode and 27 other moving averages. The SuperTrend indicator is an application of the concept of MAE (maximum adverse excursion), which was introduced by John Sweeney in the mid-nineties.

Indicator Description

The Supertrend M11 does not use a moving average, but a moving median which is thought to be statistically more robust. Furthermore, the indicator allows you to choose whether to switch the trend intra-bar, or at the bar close. Finally, the indicator plots the value of the median and the average true range of one bar ago. This is because the ATR erroneously skew to the downside when calculated from the current bar (yet to complete).

Other Library Indicators

Other than the SuperTrend M11 the following indicators are available from the trailing stop loss category: ATR Trailing Stop, Chande Kroll Stop, Chandelier Stop, Deviation Stop, HiLo Activator, SuperTrend U11 and the Wilders Volatility Stop

The SuperTrend indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8. Our Indicator Spotlight newsletter also discussed the ATR Trailing Stop and the Wilder Volatility Stop