The Best Indicators for NinjaTrader 8

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  • Unlimited downloads of all library tools (145+)
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Complete Library of indicators for NT8

One-time registration fee ($195), no recurring cost!

Our base product, the Library, features the most exhaustive list of indicators for NinjaTrader in the Ecosystem. Our collection of open source indicators covers a wide range of tools for technical analysis.

Of course, a big part of achieving success in trading, is accounting for the psychological aspect, i.e. how your personality type interacts with the markets.

Take a loner character for example, who doesn’t enjoy hanging out with people very much, will he be a successful trend follower? Probably not. He’s more likely a candidate for scalping and counter trend setups.

Therefore, when considering any given trading approach, it's important to take stock of whether it fits your character. It is also one of the main purposes of the Library; provide traders with the best indicators for NinjaTrader to test and review what is a good fit.

Part of the success of any tool is in the use of the tool. Which is why it's so important to learn and figure out whether any particular method is right for your trading style, personality and character.

To be blunt, when particular method is working for a trader, it is because of the way it is put to use, not the tools or approach itself.

Whereas most vendors charge $200+ per indicator to determine whether any particular method is right for you, we offer unlimited access to the entire library for the same price. As a Library member you may download all of the 145+ Library indicators for NT8 by processing a one-time $195, non-recurring registration fee.

The Library is universally recognized as the best value resource in the NinjaTrader Ecosystem, covering the following categories for technical analysis:

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