Current Week TWAP

The Current Week TWAP is the time-weighted average price (TWAP) of a security for the current trading week. The TWAP is an early algorithm that was used by high volume traders to execute large orders over a specified time period. Today it is only used as a benchmark when volume data is not available.

The Weekly Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP)

Indicator Description

The weekly TWAP indicator that reflects how the asset’s market price has changed over time. The simplest version of a time-weighted average price is based on “slicing”. On a time-based chart, such as a minute chart of the time-weighted average price is an average price is calculated as the arithmetic mean of all data points. On tick-based charts all data points are weighted by the bar duration.

Trading algorithms that try to match the time-weighted average price are typically based on a uniform time-based schedule. The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) calculation is today considered to have replaced the TWAP approach. Accordingly, the Weekly TWAP should only be used with uniform volume, or when no volume data is available. You may compare the weekly TWAP output by adding it to a Weekly VWAP chart. On our blog we have also posts discussing the weekly VWAP and information on how to locate VWAP signals.

Using the Weekly TWAP indicator

The Weekly time-weighted average price is an average price can be set to calculate for the entire trading week. Alternatively, it can be set to calculate for custom hours such as the regular session. When a custom session is selected the time-weighted average price calculation will pause outside the selected custom hours. In case that there is a technical break inside the selected session, please select “Technical break in session” and enter start and end time for the technical break. The TWAP further comes with time-weighted standard deviation bands. As the time-weighted average price does not use volume information, it should be set to “Calculate” = “On price change”.

The indicator that can be downloaded here will calculate an accurate Weekly TWAP and accurate bands when applied to high resolution charts. When used with higher timeframe charts, the plots may be one or a few ticks off the correct value.

Other Library Indicators

Our Indicator Library also features the Daily TWAP, Monthly TWAP, N-Monthly TWAP, Daily Median, Daily VWAP, Weekly VWAP, Monthly VWAP, N-Monthly VWAP, in addition to our Premium VWAPs.

The indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8.

Current Week TWAP