Projection Bands

Projection Bands Indicator for NT8

Projection Bands were developed by Mel Widner, Ph.D and were introduced in an Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine article in July, 1995.

Indicator Description

Projection Bands are found by locating the highest high and lowest low in the n bar lookback period. The bands plot parallel to a regression line of the high/low and indicate potential areas of support and resistance.

As the name indicates, the indicator plots bands, not the channel lines as with the standard Regression Channel, Daily Regression Channel and the Raff Channel.

If prices reach the upper band, it may indicate an overextension that can be used to locate bearish reversal setups. Opposite, if prices reach the bottom band it may indicate bullish reversal opportunities.

Because the indicator locates the highest high and lowest low in the n bar lookback period, prices will never break above or below the Projection Bands.

Public DataSeries:

The indicator comes with four additional public DataSeries that can be accessed via the strategy builder:

  • SlopeSeries
  • UpperMaxDeviationSeries
  • LowerMaxDeviationSeries
  • RegressionTrend

SlopeSeries: Indicates the current slope of the regression line (rise over run) measuring the trend strength.

UpperMaxDeviationSeries: Holds the highest high in the n bar lookback period, parallel to the regression line

LowerMaxDeviationSeries: Holds the lowest low in the n bar lookback period, parallel to the regression line

RegressionTrend: Holds the value + 1 for an up-sloping regression line and -1 for a down-sloping regression line.

Market Analyzer Column: The indicator comes with a market analyzer column. It allows for displaying the ProjectionChannelTrend on the market analyzer.

Other Library indicators

You may increase the probability of locating profitable Projection Bands reversal setups by using Volume Analysis and “buying support and selling resistance”. Additional information on that can be found in our Indicator Spotlights on the Daily Pivot Levels and Fibonacci Retracement Levels. A variety of Support / Resistance indicators are available from the Session Tools and Fibonacci indicators categories, including the Daily Pivots / Prior Day Fibs, Weekly Pivots /Prior Week Fibs and the Monthly Pivots / Prior Month Fibs. Finally, the Better Volume indicator can be used to validate reversal setups. Finally, our library has a Projection Bandwidth indicator, indicating increasing / decreasing volatility.

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The Projection Bands indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8.