Distant Coefficient Filter

Two filters are presented by Ehlers: The non-linear Ehlers filter and the Distant Coefficient Filter which is found here.

The Distant Coefficient Filter for NinjaTrader 8

Indicator Description

The Distant Coefficient Filter calculates the weighting coefficients for the filter by adding up the squared distances of each data point from the preceding N data points. Thus a data point which is far away from other prices will have a larger impact on the calculation of the average than a data point which is close to the preceding elements of the input series. The Distant Coefficient Filter also has adaptive properties.

Other Library indicators

This category also includes the Adaptive Laguerre Filter, the Butterworth Filter, the Laguerre Filter, the Coral Filter, the Gaussian Filter, the MAAF and the Supersmoother Filter. You may also review our indicators from the moving averages or the trend analysis categories, such as the Directional Movement Index, Zerolag TEMA, Zerolag HATEMA, Triple Weighted Moving AverageSine WMA, Range Weighted Moving Average or the Efficiency Ratio. The Indicator Spotlight newsletter furthermore discussed the Kaufman Efficiency Ratio.

The Distant Coefficient Filter is available for NinjaTrader 8.

Distant Coefficient Filter