The ADXVMA Plus version is identical to the regular ADXVMA with the exception of additional parameters for setting the lookback period for the Directional Movement (DM), ADX and Chande EMA. Furthermore, this version has the option of using the DM as suggested by Wilder, in place of the standard version. An Indicator Spotlight post (with video) is available here


Indicator Description

The ADXVMA Plus is a volatiltiy based moving average with the volatility being determined by the value of the Average Directional Index indicator (ADX). The ADX provides levels of support during uptrends and resistance during downtrends. The indicator may also be used as a trendfilter. The trend can be positive, negative or neutral.

Other Library indicators

The ADXVMA Plus is best used in combination with  additional tools for technical analysis such as momentum oscillators, support / resistance and volume indicators. Specifically, you may review the Acceleration Deceleration, Laguerre RSI, MACD KC Lines, Stochastics or the TDI. The Indicator Spotlight newsletter previously reviewed ADXVMA and the TDI indicator.

For support / resistance levels you may have a look our Session Tools and Fibonacci lines, such as the Pivots Daily, Pivots Weekly, Pivots Monthly, Pivots N Monthly, Camarilla Pivots Daily, Camarilla Pivots Weekly, Camarilla Pivots Monthly, Camarilla Pivots N Monthly, Prior Day Fib Lines / Current Day Fib LinesPrior Week Fib Lines / Current Week Fib Lines, the Current Month Fib Lines / Prior Month Fib Lines or the Current N Month Fib Lines / Prior N Month Fib Lines. Our Indicator Spotlight newsletter previously reviewed the Daily Pivot Levels and Fibonacci Retracement levels.

You may also review our tools for Range and Volume Analyis, i.e. relative range / relative volume analysis. An alternative method for determining trend bias is available from the Heinkin Ashi and the Donchian Channel. The Indicator Spotlight discussed the Heikin Ashi indicator and a Donchian Channel strategy. Finally, the Indicator Library also features the standard ADX and ADXVMA, in addition to the ADXR.

The ADXVMA Plus indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8. A full list of our NinjaTrader indicators available here.