Camarilla Pivots Daily

Camarilla Pivots Daily are similar to traditional pivot levels in that a main pivot is established with support and resistance levels above and below. 

Daily Camarilla Points

Indicator Description

Check out our Indicator Spotlight post on the Camarailla Pivots (with video) for an in depth discussion on how they may be applied.

The Daily Camarilla Pivot Point is yesterday’s close. The input for the camarilla support / resistance  formulas is based on the previous session’s high, low, and close. The Daily Camarilla Pivot Point levels are then calculated as follows:

  • Range = High – Low, for the prior day
  • R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 – Resistance levels
  • S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 – Support levels
  • R5 = (High / Low) * Close
  • R4 = Close + Range * (1.1)/2
  • R3 = Close + Range * (1.1)/4
  • R2 = Close + Range * (1.1)/6
  • R1 = Close + Range * (1.1)/12
  • S1 = Close – Range * (1.1)/12
  • S2 = Close – Range * (1.1)/6
  • S3 = Close – Range * (1.1)/4
  • S4 = Close – Range * (1.1)/2
  • S5 = (Close – (R5 – Close))

The resulting levels above and below the Daily Camarilla Pivot Point, establishes areas of support and resistance.

To conclude, the Daily Camarilla Pivot Points are simple and versatile support / resistance levels. They can be used in both sideways and trending markets for reversal and breakouts setups. Specifically, the S3 and R3 levels can be used to initiate reversal trades, whereas the S4 and R4 levels signal breakout scenarios.

The idea is to wait for the prices to interact with the Camarilla Pivot levels, prior to considering setups. Furthermore, these support / resistance levels may also be combined with other tools for technical analysis, i.e. trend filters and/or momentum oscillators.

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The Daily Camarilla Pivot Points indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8 and is compatible with our LizardRenko bars.

Camarilla Pivots Daily